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What is a Shower Cabinet?

Do you have a small bathroom but want to enjoy a uxurious bathing experience? Then shower cabinets are the way to go. Shower cabinet is a cubicle that allows the person to enjoy both the experiences of a bathtub and taking a shower.

Shower cabinet designs and styles have changed over the years, and the modern ones promise a splendid experience every time. A shower cabinet is placed in a recessed area of the bathroom and is attached to the wall and the floor. This cubicle is built with a metal frame that holds tempered glass or Plexiglas, and has a sliding door. Also available in the market are frameless shower cabinets with a track for a sliding door.

You can choose one that matches the interior design of the bathroom.

A Shower cabinet is usually designed to fit into the corner of a standard-sized bathroom. At present times light-weighing tubs with fittings for tub enclosure are available that can make it easy to mount glass doors or hang a shower rod to hold a shower curtain. Now shower cabinets can be customized to fit the space and interior design of any bathroom.

Where there is space constraint, shower cabinets can be built with open able doors instead of sliding doors. To save space shower cabinets are available now without the shower tubs.

There are many other features that have been added to the interior design of shower cabinets over the years. Basic shower cabinets have been modified into steam shower cabinets that let you enjoy a steam bath.

FM radio device and massage jets are also available in the market as readymade shower cabinet sets.

There is a wide variety of designs and styles of shower cabinets to choose from according to what would suit your bathroom best.
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