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What Is The Best Way To Clean & Maintain Solid Surfaces?

Solid surfaces are either made of an acrylic material such as Corian, Wilsonart and Avonite or, polyester material or a combination of both. Any solid surface can be easily maintained with basic care and cleaning.

The easiest way to clean solid surface countertops is by using a wet cloth. Soap water and wet sponge can be used to remove minor stains from solid surface counter-tops. In the case of stubborn stains, use a Scotch Brite pad and a soft scrub. Rub the soft scrub over the counter top, especially on the stains and then scrub with the Scotch Brite in circular motions.

Keeping the solid surfaces clean are the easiest way for home improvement.

It is natural for solid surfaces to lose their shine over a period, in such cases, homeowners can get solid surfaces buffed. Buffing is a popular home improvement process similar to polishing where the paper is grounded to retain the smoothness and lustre of solid surfaces. Buffing solid surface isn’t a time consuming process, and the process is carried out with the help of buffing wheels and buffing compound.

Solid surfaces resist heat better than any other surface. Nevertheless, you should avoid using or placing hot pans, electrical or heat generating appliances directly on a solid surface. To prevent any heat damage while cooking, use a trivet with rubber feet on solid surface counter top and then place the hot vessel on it. Also prevent yourself from using strong chemicals like paint removers, oven cleaners, etc. on solid surfaces. In the case of contact with the same, immediately pour water over it and wipe it. Also, avoid using sharp blades and knives and do not cut meat and vegetables on the solid surface as it'll scratch the countertops.

Do not hesitate to contact professionals for repairs and maintenance in case of serious damages and get expert help for a complete home improvement.
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