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What is the Difference Between Acrylic Solid Surface & Polyester Solid Surface?

Polyester Solid Surface seems like just a replica of Acrylic Solid Surface. It looks & feels like Acrylic Solid surface, but it is not, actually. Acrylic is superior in quality to Polyester. Acrylic Solid surface material is preferred in places where water and food may come in contact.

Acrylic solid surface is known for being food grade certified in the international market, i.e. it is approved for making kitchen counter-tops for being hygienically clean. In local markets in India, most people are not aware of these differences, especially homeowners. So, when you are doing a house remodelling, inquire your interior decorator or carpenter whether the Corian surface offered by them is polyester or acrylic. Polyester does have a lower rate than acrylic.

Acrylic is bendable while polyester is not. Unfortunately, though, there is no way for a layman to tell if the material is acrylic or polyester solid surface.

That being said, the polyester solid surface has a lot of demand and applications, thus, a big market. Unfortunately, there is no way for a layman to tell if the material is Acrylic or Polyester.

We recommend you use acrylic while house remodelling, even though it is a tad more expensive than polyester.

Is there an easy way to check whether the material is acrylic or polyester?

A solid surface professional can tell them apart. Although they look and feel the same, there is a vast difference in quality.

We can tell you an easy way to categorise solid surface material when you are up to some house remodelling. The most widely sold solid surface materials come from three places – Korea, China and locally made ones in India. Also, there is American solid surface material, but their prices are unreasonably high.

Korea manufactured Solid Surface

These are of very high quality. These are a bit on the expensive side but are better than other alternatives.

Chinese manufactured Solid Surface

There are good ones, bad ones and extremely ugly versions of these available in the markets.

Indian Made Solid Surface

One of the most widely sold solid surface materials in the Indian market is manufactured in the factories in Ghatkopar. These have no fixed standards, though.

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