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What Is The Difference Between Builtup Area V/S Carpet Area.

Not a long time ago, the flats and the houses were sold by carpet area which is the actual area that used and does not include the thickness of inner walls. Today, the sale of the flats and the houses are made from the built-up area.

The regulations regarding measuring Carpet Area have been made strict. The Home contractors and the companies are now made to auction the flats and the houses by carpet area.

The carpet area does not include the Balcony and the terrace hence their prices are supposed to be half for e.g. if the rate for the flat is Rs 1000 per sq. feet then the rate of terrace will be Rs 500.

It is mandatory to give the parking to the homeowners and thus should not be sold to them.

Lawfully, the Home contractors are not supposed to ask any price for the parking; thus they adjust their prices in the price of the house, which is illegal.

The Home Owners should ask for the layout of the house before purchasing it as it indicates the actual Carpet Area and the Built-up Area. After buying the house, an experienced person has to measure the interior of the house.

Qualified people such as architect, contractor, Home Decorators or Real Estate Agent are best suited for this job.
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