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What is the economical solution to Bathroom Repair?

Every homeowner craves an economic procedure to their bathroom renovation and repair work. We can help homeowners with a budget constraint where and how, in their renovation project, they can save expenses.

A homeowner can save expenses on wall work of the bathroom

We would suggest the homeowner to plan the tilling of the wall beforehand- the flaking should be done where the tile work is planned instead of the entire wall. The rest of the wall can be cemented or plastered. Moreover, homeowners can choose less expensive tiles for their bathroom walls, like instead of choosing tiles that cost around Rs 60 per piece, you could opt for those costing around Rs 45 per piece.

Another area where homeowners can save is the fitting and plumbing work. During bathroom renovation and repair, the homeowner can opt for wall mixer instead of expensive diverter and shower panels. Wall mixers are quite trendy and are readily available in the market.

A less expensive WC can be brought, around Rs 2800, instead of an expensive one costing Rs 4800.

Wash basins of a lesser price range, like around Rs 1200, can be brought instead of the more expensive ones. You can always opt for cheaper bathroom accessories like soap holder, hooks and racks.

You could do with not changing the old pipes, but we recommend homeowners to change old pipes and pipe fittings. GI pipes that are used for bathroom plumbing usually develop rust over time and needs to be changed. Bathrooms need renovation and repair work every 10 years or so, and thus, it’s a good idea to repair or replace the pipes during every renovation project.

It’s best for homeowners with a budget constraint to opt for cheaper bathroom fitting accessories that look similar to the more expensive ones that you have been eyeing.

We at Contractorbhai are ever-ready to assist you, so please contact us if you have doubts and queries.
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