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What Is The Gypsum Board That’s Used In False Ceiling?

Renovating your house? Getting your new home constructed? Congratulations. Getting false ceiling done? Do you know everything about it? Yeah? Including the gypsum board? No? Sorry then, because we are taking our congratulations back.

Why? You are getting your home constructed; you don't do that every day.

Your contractor may cheat on you, use cheaper material for the board, the ceiling may begin to crack within days of construction. May even fall. Okay, so this is more than what may happen! BUT, the gist is that you must know about gypsum board your new place is gonna have.

Gypsum board is a very important element of false ceiling. It may not show, but it lays the foundation of the false ceiling. Ummm.... Like, behind every successful man, there's a woman.

Similarly, behind every good and strong false ceiling, there's gypsum board.


So, technically speaking, it is a panel of gypsum plaster pressed between two sheets of paper called a facer and a backer. You must be eager to know about the gypsum plaster, no? It's almost like Plaster of Paris, maybe a bit better. It is better than the POP. As a child, you must have studied about a metal called GYPSUM. Yeah! It's the same one, just compressed into a sheet. See, everything in this world is related. The same thing about which you learnt in class 8th, you are going to have a tryst with it, after almost like..... a lifetime.

You may not get it if you ask your shopkeeper for gypsum board because a lot of people know it by the name of drywall, plasterboard or wallboard. So use these names interchangeably when trying to buy this peculiar thing.

You must have seen fire extinguishing pipes on the ceiling of certain public places while at others you don't and instead there's a false ceiling. Hahaha... Confused? That's just a tricky, widely used, to make the walls and ceilings look better. So for such places, there're fireproof gypsum boards.

We bet you didn't know that. Right? So now you know another thing that your contract must not have told you. See! We are aware of all!


FINALLY, after doing something that might sound like a PhD on gypsum board, let's get to buying the best of the gypsum board for your perfect abode. There are several companies like Birla, Gyproc by Saint-Gobain and there are numerous brands online. As far as you are going for a branded gypsum board, there's no problem. And if you are company specific, it's your choice because gypsum board of all good companies are equally good.

So by now you must have bought the board of your choice. Go! Get it installed.
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