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What Is The Process Of Laminate Floor Covering Installation?

Fixing of laminate flooring is not the same as fixing of marbles or tiles since the former is an easier and a faster process

  • After the homeowner confirms the type, colour and the design, a laminate flooring vendor goes to the spot where the work is to be done to evaluate the final dimensions.

  • He will also look out for any alterations that need to be done and whether or not the floor is levelled.

The vendor sends the estimates according to the design and material that are chosen by the homeowner after observing the details.

After the quotation is approved, the planning process begins. It can be done within a few hours.

Fixing of Laminate Floor Covering is done through “click” system. The floor covering is first clicked and then locked centrally. Click system is quite similar to a huge jigsaw puzzle, in which the tongues and cutting have to be fit to each other. All the slabs with tongues and grooves click into place.The laminate flooring floats over the subfloor without using glue or nails due to the click system.

Floating means it lays freely over the subfloor and not actual sense floating.

Laminate Floor Covering - advantages

It can be used immediately after installing or renovating home unlike other floor surfaces. This is because it is installed without using glue or any chemical. All other flooring needs a day or two to set because they need to be fully dry because before using it.

This type of flooring can be very easily detached and re-planted. It is very convenient for renovating homes of homeowners who live in rented flats and can smoothly uninstall and install laminate flooring. It saves homeowners the headache of getting Laminate flooring re-done.

Another plus point of laminate covering is that it can be done on the preexisting marbles and tiles. It does not require any additional coating or changes. For the objective of levelling, a 2 mm sheet of foam is fixed.

It also acts as a sound absorption layer.

Information of dimensions.

The slabs are often available in 4 ft.*7 to 8 ft. The flooring dimensions depend largely on the type and the layout for renovating homes, due to the variety of choice to choose them.

The cost of the flooring is on sq. ft. basis and not on the size or the kind of floor covering.


Skirting is different from the covering used on the floor, in the case of homes or offices that have laminate flooring. Same colour, simple laminated wood is used for the function of skirting.

Amount that gets wasted

Like every other thing or flooring, a part of it gets wasted but is lesser than any other type of flooring i.e. 5%. It is even lower when the flooring is being done in well-constructed rooms.

Well-constructed rooms refer to square or rectangular rooms with beams as less as possible. The wastage percentage goes up to 10% in a situation when there happens a lot of cross cutting.

Loss caused by Laminate Flooring

It is quite simple to change the laminate flooring in case a crack appears or any loss happens, and there is no need to change the entire floor covering. The whole column of the damaged slab is extracted. Laminated wooden slabs are planted from one side to another. It is very easy to remove the side slab if the slab in the middle gets damaged and extract it.

To remove the slab damaged from the side, removing the slab the nearest slab serves the purpose.
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