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What Kind Of Lights Can I Use For Wall And Floor on Italian Marble?

Lots of people have questions about home décor ideas, and especially when it comes to choosing lighting that can make Italian marble shine. But it mainly depends on the designer to decide the kind of lighting that will make your home look the best.

Lighting is something that hugely affects the material that is used for your home.

There are plenty of home décor ideas for us to share and the first of them would be to use warm lights because it makes your place feel a lot more cosy, and you are always more comfortable in such lighting. For parts of your house like the kitchen and study room, we suggest you use white lights because these are the corners of your house where you need to be more active and energetic.

It’ll be detrimental to you if you feel lazy or sleepy in these places.

When you take house décor ideas from outside sources, they will always advise you to use white lights for areas where you need to be active and to use lights of warm colours in places where you need to feel cosy and comfortable. So, you can understand that lighting can make a great impact on the material. In the case of Italian marble walls and floors, these are the places that always need to be highlighted.

You can use yellow lights to focus on such areas. You can often find luxury hotels and palaces using yellow lights to focus on expensive carpets or walls made up of Italian marble. It adds to the grand feeling and makes it more charming. Even if the floor is made up of Italian marble, you can highlight that marble and this effect will give a bright feel to the floor.

This makes your house cosier and more luxurious.
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