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What Lights Should I Use In False Ceiling?

'Mummy ye light badi kam h, padha ni jaa rha.' Chintu said. 'Haan beta par bulb aankh me chubhta h na, kya karein?' His mother replied. 'Mummy bunty k ghar me dusri chhat h, badi mast h'.


You must be wondering about the ceiling of Bunty's home. Well that's nothing new. Just false ceiling. Yeah! Your aankh me chubhne wala bulb can also have a soothing effect, all you need is a false ceiling.

I WISH So...

False ceiling never lets you get exposed to direct light, you always get indirect light with that. It is at times helpful. Suppose you do not want the whole room to be lit up but you have only one tube light. Your want will remain a wish. Kash aisa ho pata.... We know. But in case you have false ceiling, you can switch on that bulb which you want. And magically, your wish would be converted to reality.


False ceiling requires you to put up a number of LED bulbs instead of just one stretched tubelight or that one huge bulb. Either a set of four bulbs is used, one in each corner or a set of 6. It depends on your requirement. In case you have Chintu and Bunty at your home,6 are advisable. Arre... they have to study na.

Big deal, you know!

In addition, to the advantage of switching on the bulb you require, it also gives you a soothing effect. The way your room looks is just gorgeous and you instantly fall in love with it.


The hidden advantage is that you save your electricity bill. How? When you need light in just corner of the room and you have a tubelight or a big glowing bulb,the electricity consumption is, say 100 watts. But when you have 4 LEDs of 25 Watt each and you switch on just the one you need, you are consuming just 25 watts.

See, you or your contractor would have never even thought about something like this. We are no less than an investigating agency. We go to roots of every matter. Hope you are not being a tubelight now and got the joke.

Be like LEDs, opt for LEDs and yes, do get the jokes as when they are cracked .

Happy Housing !

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