What’s the distinction between Wall sticker and Wall decal? Which one should I opt for?

We won’t be amazed if you have been pondering over this question for quite some time. Most people get confused between wall sticker and wall decal when house renovation is concerned.

Recently, a Delhite who wanted to go for some radical home renovations with modern interior designs and desired a different theme for each room expressed her indecision about the fact above.

We are here to put an end to all your worries and sum up the thoughts and advice of contemporary expert interior designers.

Wall stickers are made of a material that resembles plastic to some extent and hence can be easily removed once you get bored of them. That’s the benefit of modern interior designs, change as you like when you don’t like. But one of the main drawbacks of this process is that they leave ugly marks on the wall, once they are peeled off. Getting rid of these marks is a nightmare. Also, they reflect light due to their glossy texture, and this attribute can make your eyes uncomfortable.

Wall decals are made from special thin film-like materials, which are mostly imported from foreign countries. If you apply wall decals, while renovating your house, get ready to experience a miracle as they will turn your boring home into a more colourful place. Also, once you apply wall decals, your walls will look as if they were painted. Their texture is much better than that of wall stickers and gives a more soothing effect. Unlike wall stickers, it won’t make your eyes water out of sheer discomfort.

Wall decals are a safer, brighter and more sophisticated option when home renovation is concerned.

Another important aspect of modern intern designs that you need to keep in mind during home renovations is that, with time the brightness and colour of wall stickers fade, unlike that of wall decals. Wall sticker won’t always suit your needs as they are only available in standard sizes and colours. Whereas, there is a big fat list of wall decals based on the size, shape and colour of your wall. There are multitudes of wall decals, available in the market, to choose from, depicting different themes. So, take our suggestions and spend your money wisely as our homes not only dictate our moods but also instil a solid impression of us, on our guests.

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