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What Should Be Kept in Mind When Buying a New House?

Homeowners planning to buy a new house or planning to get their homes renovated are recommended the following:

No data should be left out, while making an arrangement, for new home interior design, with the merchant. A part of the data that should be included, must consist the following:

Kind of flooring, doors and windows to be used, type of kitchen platform, the extent of tiles on the kitchen platform, type of plumbing material and the brand to be used, number of electrical points that will be required, tubes, fans, geysers.

Type of paint that will be used for e.g. distemper paint or oil paint or oil bond.

Even the minutest of the information is written in the agreement for new house interior design. Many builders give the option of personalising the items, according to the wish of the homeowners.

Home Owners choose what they want and ask the builder to skip what they don’t like.

Many Homeowners believe in Vastu Shastra and would want their new house interior design in that manner. To arrange their house according to Vastu Shastra, they would have to assign an interior decorator who would help them and make changes accordingly. The homeowners have to utilise the given space according to their requirement because the builder only offers rooms or kitchen according to standard measurement. The designer makes the blueprint and the homeowners get the interior done. All the changes that the owners want should be made known to the builder in advance for the convenience of both the owner and the builder.

However, if the builder does not agree to that, then the homeowner has no option, but to get the interior done after getting occupancy of the house.
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