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What should I choose for my home’s waterproofing requirements- waterproofing latex or waterproofing

Many homeowners while undergoing house renovation have queries about what to use for waterproofing purposes- latex coating or polymer coating. We will try to resolve your doubts here. One thing to remember is that all latex additives are polymers, but not all polymers are latex.

Latex Coating is a plastic polymer coating available only in the form of liquid. Technically speaking, latex is a copolymer mixture. The latex polymer coating mix is blended with cement for the process of waterproofing of the required area.

The application of latex polymer coating solution starts with the right mix of latex polymer and cement.

A layer of this mixture is applied to the required area. It’s simple! However, because of its poor flexibility, latex coating is not a high-quality coating and therefore can develop cracks very easily. Thus we wouldn’t really recommend latex coating to homeowners who are on a house renovation mission. If you absolutely want to use latex coating only, it’s best to confine its usage to the interior walls instead of the exterior walls.

There are various types of polymers. Here in this article, we would focus solely on waterproofing polymers.

About waterproofing polymers, it’s not true that all of them are available just in the liquid form. There are many plastic polymers too. Waterproofing polymers are available in both liquid and powder forms, but the majority of waterproofing polymers are available in the liquid form in the market. Most of these polymers are mixed with cement to provide for the best waterproofing application.

These liquid polymers are further classified into a large scale of grades.

We would recommend using adhesive and cement for waterproofing purposes.

Polymers like adhesive and cement are hydraulic bonds, which means that when they are mixed, they develop into a strong adhesive mixture. When a layer of this strong mixture is applied on a concrete form, it forms a strong bond which holds together the upper surface and the concrete.

So, we definitely recommend all homeowners undergoing house renovation that they use waterproofing polymers instead of waterproofing latex, for the reasons stated right above.
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