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What Should Indian Homes Opt For? Kitchen Electric Chimney or Exhaust Fan?

For Indian homes, how important are chimneys for the regular Indian kitchen? Very much so, as it turns out for a home renovation.

Chimneys are commonplace in the West and even in European countries, but Indians especially are quite content with exhaust fans as a substitute. It would be an exaggeration to say that these are enough because they do nothing more than dispelling the heat and odour out of the room.

Chimneys have become essential in today’s world of home renovations – given the rising levels of air pollution that create a sweaty and smelly environment in the kitchen. Some apartments are lucky enough to have huge windows positioned right in front of the stove, but for those that don’t have such provisions – chimneys are the way to go!

Installed about 27 inches above the cooktop, they can go anywhere in the kitchen and are twice as efficient as exhaust fans.

While fans only draw out smoke and heat, chimneys can draw out carbon, grease and food particles, oiliness and the general gas that starts to form in the kitchen. Another amazing factor to be considered is the placement of cabinets. Due to the rising vapour, the bases of these cabinets are more often than not covered with grime and dust that could take a long and hard time to clean.

Additionally, over time this is the cause for the cabinets turning yellow or in the absence of cabinets a reason for the ceiling to desecrate.

A chimney is required to be cleaned only once every 12 days or so, whereas having an exhaust fan requires not only the fan to be cleaned but also the other furniture that gets spoilt over time due to its inefficiency. A ducted chimney is known to be able to function as much as 15 exhaust fans! An important bad habit that Indians have cultivated is keeping the exhaust on while cooking; the fan must only be switched on after the cooking is over to avoid the ‘roaming’ of fumes.

So what exactly are you waiting for? Keep your family and yourself healthy and clean by getting a chimney installed in your stylish and modern new renovated kitchen!
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