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What to choose between wooden ceiling and rafters?

Gone are the days where the ceiling was just painted, and that too just white. This unquestionably is a less expensive issue. Be that as it may, in this present day world where homeowners and business places are considerably mindful about the home design and style and don’t want even the ceilings to go unnoticed.

The pattern for ceilings has regularly changed from painting accents to ceiling mouldings to false ceilings. In any case, what has remained is the false ceiling, although the main change we see is in its configuration and style.

There are three basic styles of false ceiling outlines

  1. The standard Rectangular false ceiling

  2. Curve False Ceiling

  3. Rafters False Ceiling (Wooden False Ceiling)

Yet, out of all, Rafters or Wooden false ceiling are the most recent adoration for Interior Designers and Architects while considering both home design or public spaces. Rafters are a wooden false ceiling, which is a wooden surface being given to a Gypsum plasterboard. The wooden surface is, however, merely given by the painter.

Rafters or wooden false ceiling are once in a while utilised for homes, yet are more seen in jewellery shops. Wooden ceilings are favoured for jewellery shop proprietors as they are protected.

Nobody can without much of a stretch tear open and enter the shop which provides an additional level of security.

A particular instance saw a client who demanded Rafter's false ceiling in his room. We, however, recommended the Gypsum plasterboard to be utilized for the false ceiling that could be given a wood surface.

While rafters made of gypsum plasterboard cost merely 3000 rupees, the use of actual wood could have run the finances into almost 40,000 rupees! Rafters made with gypsum plasterboard give the same look and feel as that of first wood.

Therefore, the customer was able to enjoy the same look and feel for his home design of a wooden rafter without spending that much money.

One should always take into account the budget and need for the kind of false ceiling they are looking for.
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