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What To Do & Not Do During Application Of ‘Veneer Polishing’?

Veneer can easily be applied to substrate in the following five steps, as home renovation companies state:

  1. The veneer is selected, and cut by carpenters cut in the right sizes, along with the substrate (plywood or MDF).

  2. Then apply glue to both the sheets- veneer sheet and the substrate, with the right kind of glue. Contact cement glue is the best choice for paper-backed veneers. Also, standard cold press or Better Bond veneer glue is perfect for veneering, since it dries faster and makes a strong bonding.

  3. When the glue is half dry on the sheets, the veneer sheet has to be carefully positioned on the substrate.

  4. Now, the veneer needs to be pressed down with maximum pressure for stronger bonding. A smoothing blade can be used for the purpose. For bigger industrial level plywood sheet, vacuum press tool is used to clamp the veneer to substrate. This tool applies pressure evenly across its surface. This is important because otherwise, bubbles may form which will ruin the panel. For smaller pieces, home renovation companies suggest the use of clamps and weights.

  5. Lastly, turn over the piece upside down and chop any excess veneer or substrate with a sharp blade.

Polishing Veneered sheets or furniture

The most preferred polish for veneered wood is Melamine polish. It gives the veneer a matt finish look and costs around Rs. 110-160 per litre.

According to home renovation companies, veneer can be polished in the following simple steps:

  1. Smooth the veneered plywood sheet with sandpaper, which will also help remove dirt. Rub the sandpaper gently in the direction of the wood grain.

  2. A lot of carpenters use wood conditioner on veneered wood, which absorbs stains evenly from veneer. The piece of wood is left to dry for a while.

  3. After this, apply wood stain wax on it. This further absorbs stains and gives it a natural wood look. If left for too long, the veneer’s shade may get darker. So, wipe off the excess solution from the veneer with a cloth.

  4. At an industrial level, the polish solution is then applied to the veneer with a spray machine.

  5. Repeat the polish step several times to get the desired shade and effect.

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