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What type of veneer polish I Use for Home Decoration?

For your home interior decoration, decorative veneers are the ‘it’ thing on the block. Decorative veneer is a piece of natural wood that has been glued to substrates like plywood or MDF (medium density fibreboard). It is critical that veneer wood or veneer sheets are polished to maintain the authenticity and richness of veneers and to protect their shine.

Polishing can be done in various ways as different types of polishes offer different veneer finishes.

The most preferred finishes by homeowners for beautiful home interior decoration are the Melamine Matt, the PU finish, Lamination and Rubio Monocoat. The raw materials used in India for all these finishes are usually imported and branded.

Melamine matt is the most standard veneer polish favoured by over 80% of households because of its cost-effectiveness among all other veneer polishes. It gives a beautiful matte finish which is a bonus point because glossy furniture surfaces tend to reduce the natural charm of decorative veneer.

Its price range cannot be more than Rs 130 to Rs 180 per litre.

PU (polyurethane) polish is available in both matt and glossy finishes. But it is not favoured all that much by homeowners because it gives a similar finish and looks as melamine matt finish does, and it costs almost double of what melamine matt costs. So, choosing PU finish becomes relatively more expensive and therefore, almost unnecessary.

Lamination is the next most preferred veneer finish. It gives a very high-quality glossy look which looks pretty classy. Due to the types of chemicals used and the number of polishing required to bring that desired glossy finish, lamination becomes the most expensive of all veneer finishes.

PU glossy finish is surely way cheaper as compared to lamination, but lamination finish is much more superior to PU glossy finish.

There is a new veneer polish in town, of which most people aren’t even aware- the Rubio Monocoat. Rubio mono coat is a hard oil- based polish that is very popular in the European countries. This is because it’s the only veneer polish with natural components that contain zero VUC (volatile organic components).

Application of Rubio mono coat is different from that of other finish types.

Rubio monocot finish has to be applied in just one single coat, unlike other polishes. Moreover, it is the only polish that abides by with the molecular bonding of wood microns. Another plus point, this polish is the only polish that can be directly applied to wood veneer. Thus, its application takes a shorter duration than that of melamine matt or PU finish.

We would surely recommend Rubio mono coat as the way to go because it is cheaper than PU-polish and Lamination finish, though relatively costlier than melamine matt. For instance, if melamine matt costs Rs 170, Rubio mono coat would cost around Rs 200; for a few more bucks homeowners can get a beautiful finish that is superior to melamine matt finish. However, all things require care and caution.

We as contractors strongly recommend that Rubio mono coat polish is handled by professionals only. Of course, we are here to guide all our clients.

We have encountered many homeowners who are aware of Rubio mono cot and its properties and promptly ask for it. Once a parlour owner who wanted to finish her interior designing within 20 days, walked in nd asked us for asked for Rubio mono coat finish right away. Moreover, other than the short time duration, another way choosing Rubio mono coat was advantageous to this client is that the drying of the polish is relatively quicker.

Melamine matt polishes would have affected the parlour atmosphere and its customers as its smell would linger for a longer time as it has to be polished and repeatedly dusted several times and consequently, the drying of the polish would take longer, too. The room would smell if the polish did not dry off completely. In this case, using melamine matt would have cost her at least six weeks.

All of these finishes are imported and branded because the homeowner deserves the best to maintain the beautiful look that a home interior decoration using the best products gives.

Brands like ICIC, ICI and Asian Paints offer imported and high-quality veneer polishes and can be trusted.
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