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When To Repair or Replace The Ceiling Fan?

Electrical problems rarely occur in ceiling fans; they face more of mechanical problems. However, it is always safe to know the cause of improper functioning of ceiling fans.

Homeowners should engage an electrician when they feel that the fans are not working properly. There are many reasons due to which the fans do not function properly such as shaft problem; starter is too old or not working, failure of winding for which rewinding needs to be done.

The electrician after examining gives the cause for improper functioning and gives the homeowners an assessment of money that will be spent on repair. Before proceeding with the repair, the homeowners should be given 100% guarantee that the fans will be repaired.

It is advisable to get a fan repaired if the cost of repair is around Rs 500-600, but if the cost goes above that price, the homeowners are advised to buy a new fan that costs around Rs 1400-1500.

Buying a new fan gives the homeowners a two-year warranty and a new look to their beautiful homes. Even before repairing the fan, owners should check for the warranty. If the fan is in the warranty period, it will be replaced with the new one instead of repairing it.

Branded and Fancy Fans.

It is a fallacy that branded fans are costly. They are very affordable and are available in between the range of Rs. 1200-1500 and are best suited for modern interior designs. This is range is for brands like Crompton and Bajaj.

The fundamental fans come with a single ball bearing. Hi-speed branded fans does not make a hole in the pocket of homeowners and are magnificent. These fans of brands like Crompton cost about Rs.1400.

In fact, none of the single ball bearing fan amounts more than Rs.1500.

Besides these, many other kinds of fans are available such as remote control fans, fans with lights, wooden blade fans and more of the decorative kind. However, homeowners are advised not to use these elaborate and decorative fans in modern interior design as it only looks appealing when the height of the ceiling is 14 feet or more.

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