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Where to Use White and Yellow Lights at Home

Lighting a room or the entire house is extremely significant and brain racking process. It is much easier for the home owners to decide the furniture and the colour shades for the walls for home interior decoration as compared to choosing the colour of the lights.

It is very crucial to have the right colour lights to focus on the right areas of the room or the apartment. If the homeowners know the difference between coloured lights, it helps them to decide which light would be better for interior design styles? This will ease the task of the homeowners.

There are three colours of lights used for residential purposes – White light, off-white lights & Yellow Lights.

There are many common electrical terms used by both the homeowners and the electricians. The coloured lights that are used are named on colour code i.e. 2700 Kelvin, 4000 Kelvin, 6500 Kelvin.

Two out of three are used as basic lights, and one for decorative purpose.

  • Basic lights (6500 Kelvin) are the white lights.

  • 4000-kelvin lights are not chosen by the homeowners because they are off white lights.

  • 2500 kelvin lights are the yellow lights that are used for the purpose of decoration.

White lights are the basic lights that are used on a daily basis. Suppose a homeowner wants eight white lights in the living room interior design, here he would be advised to use four white and four yellow lights so that he can use both the lights whenever needed.

If the homeowners don’t like yellow lights for house decorating idea, he can go for indirect or the cove lighting.

In cove lighting, the lights are on a false ceiling and are not directly visible. It is only the reflection that is visible.

It is always a better idea to avoid yellow lights in the study room as they strain the eyes. White light is always preferable for this purpose.

For the TV cabinet of the living room, homeowners should have a yellow/ dim light on its left side.

It is better during evenings as complete darkness can stress the homeowners and cause a headache.
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