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Why Choose Gypsum False Ceiling Over POP?

False ceilings are secondary ceilings suspended from the main ceiling and are often considered quite ‘secretive’ and used for purposes both legit and illicit. There are mainly two types of materials for false ceilings in use today, namely: Plaster of Paris of (PoP) or Gypsum plasterboard ceilings.

While PoP is mainly used in rural areas and villages, its usage has declined significantly in urban and metropolitan areas of Delhi, Gurgaon Bombay and various other such places.

Why is it that this is happening?

POP false ceilings are basically made of POP powder. The POP powder is connected to a chicken net that gives it a certain mechanical quality and strength. The POP powder is blended with water and afterwards connected to the cross section that is appended to the neighbourhood metal confining framework. This is then treated and dried. There are various issues that thus come up while installing a PoP false ceiling. Firstly, to make a POP false ceiling could take nearly a month's opportunity. Doing a POP false ceiling is tedious as well as muddled, dusty and gives an unpolished feel which most people wouldn’t go for while keeping the interior design of their home in mind.

Additionally, there is also a lot of wastage of materials that takes place here.

Gypsum plasterboard false ceiling, on the other hand, is made utilising gypsum plasterboard's, settled with a screw to metal casing associated with the soffit. Gypsum plasterboards come in bigger sheets than POP sheets, and obviously, there are lesser joints. The joints are done utilising jointing compound. Introducing gypsum plasterboard is a speedier procedure that is spotless, much proficient and sound with less tidiness when contrasted with POP false ceiling. Gypsum plasterboard has more quality when contrasted with POP and gives your home a unique interior design suited to your taste.

One of the fundamental motivations behind why gypsum sheets are utilised for false ceiling is a result of its latency towards water.

Gypsum plasterboard's false ceiling offers extraordinary adaptability in outline. Gypsum plasterboard's flexibility makes it an ideal item for false ceiling.

Keeping interior design aside, even financially, Gypsum plasterboard is much more feasible.
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