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Why does the cost of bathroom renovation differ in different places?

In the very two different cases of economic home renovation and deluxe home renovation, the cost of bathroom repairing varies on a large scale. It especially depends on the building material that you choose to use for your renovation and repair work.

We would like to give an example here. In big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore, the commode of the most basic and simplest design, on one hand, can cost around Rs. 450 in accordance with the plan of water closet (WC) changes. In the same places, the deluxe renovations, on the other hand, comprise high-end and costlier renovation works. So naturally the cost of repairing and renovation goes up. The deluxe seat might cost around Rs 2500 and even more. So the cost of bathroom renovation actually depends on what material the homeowner decides to go forward with.

Many might wonder what a WC sign in a floor plan box means. The bathroom area in a floor plan is also often labelled as WC. A WC or a water closet is basically a space designed for a single occupant. It’s separate from the bathing area.

The WC area can be a separate room or a private area within a bathroom.

There is always a chance of a small marginal change, say about 20%, in the final estimate from the initial estimate. This is because good contractors would try to offer you the best products, for which you get to choose amongst various options. Even though they put in suggestions and recommendations, they would always give higher preference and importance to your personal choice.

A homeowner always has a say in what she or he chooses for her or his home.
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