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Why I Should Be Using Wallpapers In My House?

Wallpapers/Wall Covering have become very popular in the recent times due to its ease of maintenance and durability. Apart from being popular in homes due to these characteristics, they have also become popular in Corporate Offices, Big Hotels, Restaurants, etc. The variety of designs helps these places to create unique themes for exclusive suites, rooms according to customer preferences.

If you are looking for homes, floral patterns are the way to go. Plain soothing colours are pretty trending these days for homes while if you are looking for something perfect for corporate offices you will be a bit more inclined towards choosing Plain wallpapers/wall covers or geometric patterns like stripes, bricks or textured ones having light colours.

Too dark colours will not be very suitable and will hurt eyes.

While if you are looking for something suitable for hotels and restaurants, florals and other antique patterns are always there for you to give a vibrant outlook. While if you have a themed restaurant, there are quite bold and funny designs available which can be customised according to your preferences. What matters the most is the design and pattern when it comes to wall covering.

These wallpaper wall coverings are available in two types i.e.; Vinyl coated and non-woven.

Compared to Non-woven wallpapers, Vinyl ones are thick, easier to clean and more stain resistant.

If you have an area which is very prone to high humidity or has more access to the kitchen, bathrooms or hallways, Vinyl wallpapers are the way to go.

If you want that "Richie Rich" feel, non-woven wallpapers are the ones to look out for. They are best suited for places with low moisture levels like bedrooms. In this type of wallpapers/wall covering, you get two kinds of wallpapers consisting of breathable and non-breathable.

They are easily washable and can be easily removed.
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