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Why You Need To Have Flower Beds In Your Homes

What is a Flower Bed?

It is a small section, made up of concrete, generally made up in front of the house or front of the balcony. It is kind of a plot i.e. garden plot, used for planting flowers, green grass or any vegetable.

Why Delhi?

The theory of flower beds is popular in metropolitan cities, especially in Delhi because, perhaps that is the only way people in Delhi can feel connected to nature.(you can’t possibly go to Lodhi Garden or Deer Park, right?) Greenery is also crucial due to increasing pollution and therefore flower beds solves the problems for the people living there.

People in metropolitan cities can hardly find out time for themselves and thus going to the park is out of the question for them. But being close to nature is something we all desire. The advantage of flower beds in a city like Delhi is that people can have a peaceful time close to nature, at their leisure.

Therefore, according to the top interior designers, it has become a necessity for people in such urban cities.

Things That Should Be Kept in Mind:

  • According to the top interior designers, the flower bed area is mandatory, and it is a part of the flat. The Home Owners are charged for it even if they don’t want it. The top interior designers even specify its area in the sale deed. However, it is not mentioned in the Municipal Corporation plan, and therefore this area is not counted.

  • Home Owners do not utilise this area as it should be utilised. They use this space as a small room, which is altogether a different purpose from what it was created for. It is necessary for the home owners to realise that the area for flower bed is not firm enough to withstand heavy materials and may develop cracks due to heavy stuff and is suitable only for lighter things like table-chair or a small cupboard.

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