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Wire Joints Used To Cut Costs By Unskilled Electricians

Electrical Wire Joint is the connection created by the electrician when there is a shortage of wire while connecting the electrical appliances. These joints have several drawbacks.

Drawbacks of Joints in Electrical Wiring in the House

The joint in the electrical wiring are highly unsafe and consumes more electricity

  1. Firstly, the joints or the connections made in the wiring uses more current and causes a lot of wastage.

  2. Secondly, due to joints there may be short circuits or fire and harm the modern interior design. The electrician who creates joints in the wires is unskilled and is not the correct person who should do the job.

Covering of Joints and its consequences

At all the places where there are joints, the electrician seals it with a PVC tape. However, these PVC tapes are temporary; therefore, the gum melts off as soon as heat is generated that results in the falling of the tape. As stated before, this may lead to short circuit or fire, and the homeowners may have to go for renovation. Special care should be taken in case of heavy electrical appliances such as AC, microwave, geyser, refrigerator, etc. because joints in their wiring are riskier. It can lead to serious short circuit or fire and damage their beautiful homes.

However, the wiring is not always the cause of the problem. Sometimes, the switches also cause these problems. In a situation when the homeowners buy low-quality switches, the switches melt away due to the heat produced by the flowing current. Many times due to lack of wire the electrician stretches the wire from the switch to complete the connection. Even after all this, when the wires fall short, the connection is completed by joining different small wires. However, this is not a permanent solution.

These joints are temporary, and they need to be repaired after a short time gap, or they can be a serious trouble to homeowners.

Tips on how to make sure that there are no electrical joints created in new apartment

It is certain that the homeowners can’t keep a vigil eye on the electrician all the time to check that he his work is done properly. Therefore, it is always a better option to appoint a certified electrician to do the fitting. He will do his work properly, and there will be no mistakes made as he has a reputation to maintain for future work reference. It is agreeable that certified electricians are costly, but there is surety of the work done by them. It is advised to make sure that there are no joints in the wiring of the apartments.

In most of the cases, the homeowners are unknown to the disadvantages of the joints in the wires or do not pay enough attention.
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