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Wondering Why House Renovation Work Seem To Slow Down? We Can Tell You.

House renovation work is a relative thing. A lot of factors are responsible for the time it may take to complete this renovation. For 1 BHK flat, the time estimate is two and a half to three months if you are staying in the same apartment during the time of renovation.

If you are staying in a different apartment, it can take an estimate of 45-60 days to complete the house renovation. You will come across many people who demand that the renovation work has slowed down drastically after the major changes or the major civil work has been done.

Being a home renovation company, we decided to look further into these statements and give our input on this subject. We have put forward all our conclusions in this article. We have deduced two major reasons why you might feel this way too. The reasons are either a lack of knowledge about the house renovation process or just the lack of payment. Now we are going to elaborate on these subjects.

First of all, always make your payments on time.

Advance payment is always a good idea because then there won’t be any obstacles for the workers or for you and the renovation work will get done on time. When you pay in advance, your hired professionals can buy the material on advance which will save a lot of time.

If you pay late, work can be delayed due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances.

You can decide the payment schedule with your hired professionals beforehand. Your lack of knowledge may also be another reason why the house renovation work is going too slowly after a certain period. There are little things you may not notice like after the first coat of plaster, the electricians will have to do their work. Then the finishing work on the other wall is done.

Internal processes like this may not make sense to you which is why you can feel that the work is slowing down
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