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Working of Electrical Appliances at Home

Although this article will have a lot of scientific words, we will try to keep the matter as plain and straightforward as possible. It is crucial to have a basic knowledge of how the current flows inside the home according to the home design and the colour scheme of the electrical wiring.

Every circuit has positive as well as negative polarity, and the movement of electrons is from the negative terminal to the positive terminal. The Direct Current flows only in one direction and has two poles out of which one is positive, and the other is negative.

Alternating Current consists of two poles which fluctuates between the positive and the negative pole and the movement of current counters between the two of them.

Poles play an important role in the wiring of electrical equipment at beautiful homes. All the equipments need to be installed by combining the wires and thus ensuring that the current flows.

There are particular colours in which wires are available i.e. red, green, and black and the wiring in beautiful homes is done according to the colour scheme. Sometimes, when the wiring is being done, and the wire is less in length, the electricians use a different wire and join it with the original one. However, this is harmful and will use up more energy because the current gets stored up in the joints and thus the usage is more.

Therefore, the homeowners are recommended to have one complete wire instead of joining two or more wires as it is much safer and saves energy to a great extent. For e.g. if there are many joints in the wire that the electrician has recently installed and the wire catches fire due to some reason, the electrician will be blamed for it. It is so because such short circuit happens only when the wires are joint carelessly and poorly.

The poles of the power wire reverses and even its potential vary. Thus both the polarities are important in the circuit.
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