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Your Mini Guide On How To Maintain Veneer wood furniture

Veneer, being natural wood, has to be taken care of and maintained. Interior decorators in Delhi say that only with daily cleaning can it last longer and stay beautiful for long.

Regular Cleaning

  • Veneered Furniture has to be wiped daily with dry, lint-free cloth.

  • It is better if the cloth is wiped on the furniture in the direction of the wood grain.

Bimonthly cleaning

  • Clean the veneer surface, first, with a damp cloth and then, soon, with a dry cloth.

  • Don’t use soapy or detergent water for cleaning veneer surface. This will cause damage to the polish, causing it to lose its shine in the days to come.

  • You can always use a good quality wood cleaner.

Avoid Getting Stains on Veneer

Veneers are prone to stains. Stains may develop if tea, coffee or any other colored food item is spilled or dropped on the veneer surface. It should be cleaned immediately to avoid staining.

If veneer surface is used for dining tables, proper care should be taken to avoid stains, like using coasters or felt pads with rubber cushioning.

Too totally avoid stains, home owners can get the furniture polished with Rubio Monocoat, a stain free polish.

They can also opt for veneer lamination finish, which are also stain free.


There is a misconception among home owners that veneers cannot be used in rooms with a continuous use of AC. Veneers are not affected by cold. Interior decorators in Delhi recommend you to not expose it to direct heat and sunlight.

The polish gradually starts yellowing and the colour of the veneer starts fading.


Re-polishing one’s furniture will make it look brand new. But according to interior decorators in Delhi, re-polishing is not practical in case of veneered furniture. For veneered furniture, the old polish has to be removed to get the re-polishing done. To remove it, a sharp tool has to be used, which may destroy the veneer. And once the damage is done, it is hard to replace with the same patterned veneer.

There is also no skilled labour or machine to remove polish without damaging it.
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